Introducing the Proud Lion Graphic Novel Club!

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By Ben Fardon

There are a lot of amazing graphic novels out there, and some of them get overlooked in the wide variety of titles available these days. Now you have a chance to check out some of these fantastic stories at a reduced price through our Graphic Novel Club!

Each month we’ll be selecting a different graphic novel, saving you money off the normal RRP - plus you’ll get 10% off all full price graphic novels in store whilst you’re a club member. We’ll try to choose something from a different genre each time, so you’ll be able explore the diverse range that modern comics have to offer. The price to you will be just £5.00 per calendar month.

Our first month will be Image publisher Eric Stephenson’s creator owned title with artist Simon Gane, a book called They’re Not Like Us Vol 01 TP. Month two will be the excellent new sci-fi series, Descender. If we choose a book you already have, you’ll be able to opt to receive a £5.00 gift voucher instead.

Click here to get all the details and sign up for the monthly Direct Debit and begin your Graphic Novel Club membership!

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