Tabletop Day: What to play in the day

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With just over a week to go, we're all looking forward to Tabletop Day 2016! We've already shown off all the organised play we have happening throughout the day (and if you missed it, you can find it by clicking here). We've talked about the fantastic prize draw we're offering throughout the day (that can be found by clicking here). So what else is going on at Proud Lion on that Saturday?

Tabletop Day 2016 with Proud Lion - gaming and prizes all day on Saturday 30th April

All day long we'll be running two mini games in store. For the first, hidden around the store will be five images of oversized D20s, all set to different numbers. Find all five numbers, and you could win a prize! For the second, the robber has been roaming around Catan, and you need to guess where he is. Guess correctly and win a prize!

There is also going to be plenty of giveaways! Look out for promo cards and other gaming items that we'll be handing out to participants throughout the day.

Finally, if you just want to turn up and try out something new or play an old favourite, we'll be offering a games library in store and space to play a variety of short games. Every game we bring is designed to be played in 20 minutes or less, giving you lots of opportunities, to try as many of them as you can fit into the day. We've also played every game on this list, so if you're not sure of the rules, you can ask and we'll be happy to teach you! Check out the full list of what will be available below.


Epic Spell Wars

Lost Legacy: Sacred Grail & Staff of Dragons

Sushi Go!

Welcome to the Dungeon

Age of War

Cheaty Mages!

Council of Verona



Eight Minute Empire

Epic Spell Wars




Jane Austen's Matchmaker

Kittens in a Blender



Lost Legacy

Munchkin Loot Letter


Ninja Dice

Rat-a-Tat Cat

Seven Dragons


Sushi Go

We Didn't Playtest This At All

Welcome to the Dungeon

Zombie Dice

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