Reservation Service: our new monthly draw and changes to T&C

Posted by Rae Hurley on

Proud Lion Reservation ServiceProud Lion will be making some minor amendments to our Reservation Service, which will take effect from 1st July 2016. The changes are small, but we do recommend you have a read through the new terms and conditions, which are available to read here. The primary differences are that all Reservation Service customers are now required to give us a valid email address, a clarification on comic conditions, and some minimal wording corrections.

It's not all nitpicking jargon though! We're introducing an exciting new feature to the Reservation Service - a monthly prize draw! Every month we will now randomly select one of our Reservation Service customers, and that customer will receive a £25 gift voucher for use in store or online! This voucher will be emailed to the winner, and will be announced on the blog each month.

Don't have a Reservation Service folder? Pop into the store to sign up for your chance to be in the draw!

Please note this offer is only available to customers which have signed up for a full reservation folder and paid their £10 deposit. More details about eligibility can be found in the new terms and conditions.

Please be advised this also means we will be withdrawing Rolling Reservations (pull lists without a deposit that are only held for one month) for all customers who have more than one comic title on their pull list. We'll be contacting the affected customers in the coming weeks, but the deadline for transferring to a full Reservation Service pull list will be on Saturday 30th July.

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