New Beginnings - DC Universe Rebirth #1

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by Cyril Bunt

DC Universe Rebirth #1It is the moment I have been waiting for; I have been watching time tick away until this very moment. I finally have this pivotal issue for any DC comic book fan to have. Reading Rebirth #1 for the first time was phenomenal, and once I came to realise who that mysterious hand on the cover belongs to the only word was, wow.

For all DC fans who have been following the headlines, I am sure you are all aware of the return of ‘missing’ Wally West, the speedster who has been lost in the speed force and is now trying to find a way to ground himself. Wally notices reality flicker as Darkseid is destroyed, and seizes his moment to risk everything and make contact. It's a huge gamble that one who was a Teen Titan would never refuse, the golden opportunity to return home.

What I found incredibly helpful is that a description is given for Wally for those who are less familiar with the speedsters, myself included. This helps to understand his fight to get home, to warn his friends of the dangers to come. We, the readers, are told that ‘someone’ stole ten years from all DC characters and heroes that were legends, turning them into novices. This is where Geoff Johns is trying to win over the fans who went off DC comics with the New 52, and I think this goes some way in stitching together the previous characters with the modern time versions, with plenty of secrets still up their sleeves. I'm not 100% sure it will work for every reader, although I personally find it plausible and I'm very optimistic.

The first place Wally goes is the Batcave and residence of Batman. After all the revelations from Justice League #50, Bruce is trying to decipher what was revealed by the Mobius chair as Wally makes his extremely grand entrance. But Bruce doesn't recognise him, and Wally is pulled back into the speed force.

DC Universe Rebirth #1 - Wally WestWally West continues to take chances as he searches for something strong enough to keep him in this world, and as he travels we get to witness some extraordinary things. We see what seems to be the burden of Pandora, a character who believes she is the cause of all evils, evaporate from the universe - possibly taking her legacy with her. A trip to see Grail (Darkseid’s daughter) reveals another surprising fact that will have repercussions for Wonder Woman. A moment between Green Arrow and the Black Canary seems to rekindle old sparks that keeps them both awake at night. We are shown moments of Clark, Lois, and Jonathan. We even see the King of the Oceans is with Mera, taking a special moment on one knee. It seems that a lot of love is being brought back into the lives of certain DC characters. There is so much more inside of the 80-page special, and I believe it is to every fan's benefit to enjoy all of its twists, turns, and surprises.

We begin to close on this wonderful Rebirth special that still holds many secrets for you all to read and enjoy. This is a very special issue for all past and present fans of the DC universe. The story is wonderful, and all of the artists did a fantastic job. To know that I am not the only one who is watching gives me great pleasure for the future of DC Comics. I hope you all admire this as much as I do.

Cyril is now pondering why he did not see that one coming, but is so glad that he did not.

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