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by Rae Hurley

Our efforts to improve our online presence are continuing! One of the strongest elements of our web presence has always been the Proud Lion blog, where we are able to offer news, reviews, and announcements for our readers and customers. We are aware the blog has been quiet of late, largely due to time constraints and a lack of resources.

We will now be pushing the blog back to where we think it should be. The first major change will be integrating the new blog into our webstore, rather than a separate site. The previous blog will still be available for perusal, but will be largely used as an archive. All new content will now move to the Blog section of

The second change is an influx of new writers! In addition to Matt Puddy, who will continue to write comic reviews for us, we will be adding Ian Blakeman, Cyril Bunt, Danielle Jordan, Becky Marsh, and Lewis White to our team of writers. Expect to see some great new content from all of our contributors soon!

In addition, we have decided to provide a place for all of our readers, customers, and fans to have a place to discuss comics, games, and other things in the wonderful world of geekery. We will be offering an online forum open for such discussions, which should become available this week.

Finally, we are pleased to say our new click-and-collect webstore has launched! If you have any feedback or questions, contact me at

Rae may be staring at screens a little too often these days.

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