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by Ben Fardon

Proud Lion has now finished its second season of D&D Encounters, our weekly casual-style D&D sessions. Battles were fought, characters were lost, and a lot of bad puns were made. Well done to all our players, and thank you for taking part!

September sees a brand new season of D&D begin. With the popularity of role-playing games continuing to grow, helped by the announcements and releases of some fantastic new systems and stories, Proud Lion has decided to expand our range of Encounters. We have rebranded our weekly D&D sessions to RPG Encounters, in order to give players the opportunity to try different systems and worlds to play in.

D&D will continue, with our DM Maya Rose carrying on to run the newest storyline, Rage of Demons. In keeping with previous seasons, D&D will continue to focus on a drop-in, drop-out play style, allowing for a casual playing experience. Taking part in D&D will be on a first come, first served basis.

Two new games being added this season are Fantasy Age: Titansgrave and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire! Rae Hurley will now be the GM for Titansgrave, running a custom adventure. We would also like to introduce Chris Sparke as the GM for Star Wars, which will also feature an original adventure. Due to the nature of the games, Titansgrave and Star Wars will be more campaign focused, and players who take part will be expected to attend on a weekly basis. Groups for these games will be arranged by the GMs.

In preparation for all these brilliant new games, our first Wednesday session, September 2nd, will be a Character Creation event. All players are invited to create characters for any of the three games (or all of them, should you wish!) and get an introduction into how each game works. The characters you create will be the characters used for D&D and Titansgrave.

Please note: The Star Wars adventure has a set cast of characters, but Chris will be on hand to show players what goes into creating a character for that setting and help players to create their own characters for other campaigns.

If you are interested in playing Titansgrave or Star Wars, please speak to Rae at the Character Creation session.

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!

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