On the Edge of the Outer Rim...

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by Rae Hurley

As we've mentioned previously, the format of Encounters will be changing from September, allowing us to run Star Wars: Edge of the Empire as one of our weekly RPGs. Our GM for this game, Chris Sparke, has provided us with an introduction to the game he'll be running from September!

On the Edge of the Outer Rim

Deep in the far flung outer reaches of the galaxy, the prison ship Quaestor traverses the dark interplanetary voids collecting convicts, criminals and ne'er-do-wells from any system that has chosen to follow one of the simpler method of law enforcement.

The players start incarcerated aboard the ship (I won’t ask why, but I’m sure you were framed), but fate and adventure quickly combine to leave them stranded on an unknown world, forced into taking whatever jobs they can find to try and get off the planet. Although thrown together in inauspicious circumstances, the group are forced to gain each others' trust quickly if they are to survive.

The campaign will begin an introductory adventure, designed to introduce the rules to the players, and then moves on to the players having a selection of missions to choose from building up to a finale, the nature of which depends on which jobs have been undertaken and how successful they were.

There are five pre-written characters, detailed below, who have short partial biographies written, but there are many gaps in their stories for the players to fill out as the campaign progresses, including their motivations and obligations.

  • Alex, also known as ‘Fade’, a human . A budding thief, hacker and pilot from Alderaan. Agile, stealthy and no distinctive features, making it hard to pick this one out in a crowd.
  • Edaara, a Caamasi. One of only a few hundred surviving members of a pacifist species. Polite, scholarly and an experienced Doctor, avoids direct conflict whenever possible.
  • Tresk, a Bothan. A smooth talking information broker and skilled trader, able to talk their way out of any situation. Not above above doing whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Ssorku, a Trandoshan. Strong and intimidating melee combatant, as comfortable with sword as with claws. Quick thinker, and surprisingly savvy, and certainly not an unthinking brute.
  • Zaemera, a Chiss. An expert marksmen and skilled weapons engineer, always tinkering and refining equipment. Always keen to continue self-betterment, whether intellectual, moral or physical.
Rae is just putting the finishing touches to her Titansgrave campaign.

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