Beginning RPG Encounters: Season 3

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By Ben Fardon

Last week Proud Lion hosted its Character Creation session for this season's RPG Encounters. We had an amazing turn out, with lots of players creating some fantastic characters and getting to know the three games we'll be running this time around.

One thing that became immediately obvious was that we had a lot more players than we had game spaces available. We knew we ran the risk of our games being oversubscribed, but were still blown away by the number of people wanting to be involved! The last thing we want to do is have to turn people away and have disappointed players, so the Proud Lion team has come up with a solution that we hope will be suitable for you all.

Chris Sparke will run Star Wars for us as planned, which is now full with five players. Titansgrave will feature two groups, with Rae and Maya both acting as GM for these. D&D will now be run by our newest DM, Phil Jenkins. This allows us to run four groups of RPGs, and should provide enough gaming for everyone! Players will be as follows:

Star Wars

  • Ed R
  • Nash N
  • Justin S
  • Joe S
  • Matt P

Titansgrave (Group 1)

  • Jack M
  • Ant B
  • Sam B
  • Adam G
  • Christina A

Titansgrave (Group 2)

  • Becky M
  • Tim W
  • Mike W
  • Alex H

D&D will remain a drop-in, drop-out basis for all players.

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. If you have any questions (including queries about your Titansgrave characters), please contact Rae at

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