7 Wonders is getting a new edition!

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Ten years after its original release, 7 Wonders is getting a brand new edition! This modern classic receives a whole new visual design and several updates designed to make the game more attractive, more accessible, and more friendly for new players.

7 Wonders New Edition Box Cover - before and after

The new box cover has been given a sleek black and gold framing, and the refreshed artwork looks light and clean against the game title. Wonder boards are even bigger, and the A and B sides have been replaced with Day and Night sides, providing even more thematic flavour to the game.

7 Wonders New Edition Wonder Board - before and after

The cards feature new colours on the back, plus a new front design to be easier to read and less cluttered. The cards draw on the chaining system from 7 Wonders Duel and incorporate this beautifully, creating a more intuitive experience when building through the different ages.

7 Wonders New Edition Card Design - before and after

The rulebook has also been completely updated to be a more accessible experience for new players! Now the rules are complete across just 8 pages, and have a focus on being easy to understand for those taking their first steps with this game. The player aids have been similarly redesigned for improved referencing during gameplay.

What's more, Repos Productions has taken the accessibility up another level by ensuring the entire game has included additional symbols across the components to ensure the game is now completely adapted and accessible for colourblind players.

Of course, as you may have already realised, that means this new edition is not compatible with existing 7 Wonders games and expansions. On the upside, for those who want to upgrade their whole collection, the Cities, Leaders, and Armada expansions are all receiving the same new edition treatment. Both Cities and Leaders will also now include cards from the 7th Anniversary packs, and all expansions will have "beginner" and "expert" card packs to help players jump into the game at any experience level.

7 Wonders New Edition - Core Game and Cities, Leaders, and Armada Expansion

If you're a new player, this is the perfect time to pick up your first copy of 7 Wonders. Send an email to shop@osiris.games to confirm your preorder now!

If you're a player that already owns the base game and any of the three expansions listed above and are interested in upgrading your 7 Wonders collection when the new edition arrives with us in September, please send us an email at shop@osiris.games for more information!

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