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By Rae Hurley

At Proud Lion, we offer a great selection of independent comics from local creators. Check out the titles below and try something new!

 The Fall of Redd, by Michelle Harvey

Falle’s life crumbles the night her sister disappears. Rumours arise that a demon has taken her body, and as a result the Family of Redd are cast into the wilderness.

With little hope, Falle and her mother are forced to journey through the forest.

A forest with many eyes that watch with intent and dark promise.

The Fall of Redd is a Brother's Grimm style short story that has been written and illustrated myself. The book contains many popular pieces of artwork including Within Us, which was picked up and advertised by Deviantart's Social media Team and has over 450000 views on the website alone. The piece was exhibited at The Manchester Tattoo show and it has been featured in several online magazines and Art sites.

The Fall of Redd is an incredibly personal work of art and clearly shows my state of mind at the time of writing it. If you like dark tales and painfully detailed artwork, give it a go.

We are currently awaiting new stock of this title, however you can catch Michelle at True Believers Comic Festival on Saturday 6th February. You can also find more of her work on Facebook.


Infected Britain: Dead in Dursley, written by Giles Mchugh and illustrated by Sophie L Bishop

It is a zombie survival series based in Britain. Follow Gifford Wright on his journey across England trying to keep his group safe from the raging zombie hordes all around them. Times like this people become crazed and it will be those people that Gifford will have to make a decision to kill or let live. When the dead rise the world will change and you either adapt or die something Gifford and his group will learn the hard way in Infected Britain: Dead In Dursley.

You can find out more about this title on Facebook.


Parallel Worlds: Dreams Collide, by Tyrone Berkeley and Enzo Esposito

Parallel Worlds: Dreams Collide is a fast paced and exciting new story that revolves around 3 parallel versions of Earth.

One world, ruled by superhuman mystical warriors, must defend itself against a technologically advanced Roman civilisation, hell bent on taking over their world and others.

In order to fight back a mystical warrior named Gardeus must go in search of a power that will defeat the warmongering invaders once and for all.

Aliens, demi-gods, supreme beings and a couple of kids from our own Earth are all thrown together in this truly epic graphic novel.

Volume one is in stock now in our graphic novel section. Vol Two is now available from the creators. For more information, check out their website.

For Hire, by Adam Grant and Ian Blakeman

You can’t alway shoot your way out of a situation, but I’ll be damned if we won’t try.

When an anonymous client offers up the hit of the century, who are the small time guns for hire Beauty & Beast, to say no? Join Narr, Laila and Otto, the over eager contractors, as they take on the big job that will kick off the largest open conflict in recent history, with themselves nice and uncomfortably in the middle.

Caught between the fire of two nations, hunted by the largest organized mercenary group in the city and tracked by an insane bounty hunter from the outerlands, the three guns and their loyal robot dog, must clear their names or at least escape the country! Either way guarantees bullets to be spent by the bucket load.

For Hire is the debut title from Space Robot Comics, the resulting creative megaforce of Adam Grant and Ian Blakeman.

You can find out more about this title on Facebook.

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