Big Game Hunting: On hiatus for January

Posted by Rae Hurley on

By Rae Hurley

Normally about this time of the month we'd be announcing our Big Game Hunting event. Many of you are already aware, but for those who aren't, I've been through a rather difficult time in hospital, and I am still recovering from the experience. As such, I will not be able to run a BGH demo day this month. We hope to return to our normal second Saturday event from February.

As an alternative, the gaming tables will be open for player use all day. So long as the tables are free, you are welcome to bring your own games and play in store from 10am until 5pm. Please note priority will be given to Netrunner players in the morning and Dice Masters in the afternoon, as per our normal Saturday gaming schedule.

Rae is hoping to get back to her crazy gaming schedule soon!

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