Big Game Hunting presents LCG Saturdays

Posted by Rae Hurley on

We've already told you how Big Game Hunting is getting an upgrade, and we'll be showing you how to play new games almost every week. Our Saturday morning sessions will also be changing, and will feature different LCGs (Living Card Games) almost every week!

From September 2016, you can join us for different LCGs on Saturday mornings between 10:30am and 1:30pm. We'll have at least two players every week (between staff and volunteers), so we hope to guarantee someone to play with every session. There's no need to know how to play, either. We're more than happy to teach you!

Games we plan to run will include Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Card Game, Netrunner, Ashes, and more. While the chosen game for each week will have priority, any free space at the tables is open to other LCGs as well.

You can find out what game we'll be playing each week by checking out our new Google calendar, keeping an eye on the in-store event listings, or following Proud Lion on Facebook.

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