Big Gaming Survey Results (Part 1)

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We recently released a big survey to find out more about how our customers find out about our events and services, as well as what games people play and how they want to play them. Our goal is to use this information to improve elements of the gaming centre and make sure you're getting the best possible experience with Proud Lion! We had a great number of responses, and we wanted to let you know how those results are going to impact changes for us in the coming months.

Looking for Big Gaming Survey Results (Part 2)?

Social Media (inc. Facebook)

We'll touch on this subject first, because of the significance of the platform and the recent media storm surrounding it. We were not surprised to see in the survey results that several of you currently receive a majority of your information about Proud Lion through Facebook, and also prefer this to be the case. Facebook is the largest social media platform available, and is easy to access via any computer or device, making it a natural choice for many people.

However, Facebook is not without its difficulties. Facebook is making it increasingly difficult for small businesses like us to let you know what is going on; the algorithm for what displays on your newsfeed is actively pushing posts from businesses (including ours) out of your sight unless we pay for each of them individually. As you can imagine, we would much rather spend that money on things for the community, such as the events we run, the products we offer, and the stores themselves. This means that even if you follow us on Facebook, there is a good chance you will not see many of our posts.

We're aware that many of our customers also choose not to use Facebook, and prefer other methods of communication. Finally, the Cambridge Analytica debacle (which we will not wade into here) also makes us wary of relying too much on social media platforms for sharing information with you.

For the moment, we will not be changing how we use Facebook, and you will still be able to find our events and posts from us there - though we recommend subscribing to both the Proud Lion page and the Proud Lion Gaming group to make sure you get a notification when we post something new. However, we will also be taking action to ensure that the information we share is also available outside of social media where possible.

In regards to other social media, Proud Lion does maintain two active Twitter feeds, proudlioncomics and proudliongaming. These will not be affected by any changes, and will continue to operate as normal. The best part of using Twitter for this is that you can read all our updates there without needing a Twitter account yourself, so feel free to check those out!

Communication and Information

The most popular responses for where you would like to receive Proud Lion information from, after social media, were our own website and our weekly email newsletters. We also have seen that a lack of available information led to many people not using the in-store games library or pre-ordering upcoming games. We want to make sure you have as much access to information as possible, so we're looking at ways we can improve how we communicate with you.

Some changes to our website have already been implemented, such as a section to show you what games are currently available to play in our library (you can find that here!). Other changes are in progress and will take a bit of time to be fully operational. These include adjustments to navigation, a dedicated area for gaming events, ticket sales through the website itself, additional information and images for new products, and more.

We're also making some tweaks to our weekly gaming newsletter. (If you don't currently receive this, you can sign up here - make sure to tick the Tabletop Gaming interest box!) We're shifting the focus of the newsletter slightly, which will allow more room for information about tabletop games, as we've seen from the survey that this is by far the most popular category of games played by the community! We will continue to include upcoming events as well, but have amended the format to better highlight some of the more asked for events (such as those for tabletop games and learn to plays).

If you have any questions about the above, feel free to contact us at The second part of this article will be coming soon, and will focus more on what changes you can expect for in-store gaming and events from Proud Lion. Until then, play more games!

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