Big Gaming Survey Results (Part 2)

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We recently released a big survey to find out more about how our customers find out about our events and services, as well as what games people play and how they want to play them. Our goal is to use this information to improve elements of the gaming centre and make sure you're getting the best possible experience with Proud Lion! We had a great number of responses, and we wanted to let you know how those results are going to impact changes for us in the coming months.

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More Tabletop Gaming

We hear you loud and clear - you want more tabletop game events! Board games were by far the most popular type of game played according to the results, and many of you expressed an interest in wanting more events focused on these.

We would love to see more tabletop being played in store, and have already taken steps to ensure we have more of these events happening this year. So far this year we have run multiple Legendary Deck Building Game events, and are very much looking forward to this weekend's Tabletop Day! Later this year we are planning events for Castle Panic, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Arkham Horror LCG, and more. We are even running an Ice Cool Regional at the end of May!

One of the challenges with these types of events is the rarity of organised play kits; there sadly aren't many of these around for board games, though more and more publishers are recognising how popular these are and are offering more options each year. When these become available, rest assured we're getting as many as we believe we can run for you all!

The other challenge is the cost of running these kind of events, as we need to have multiple copies of a particular game in order to run an event for it. Normally we only have one copy of a game open and ready to play, so purchasing extra demo copies can be expensive and often means a significantly increased ticket price. We try to avoid this wherever possible, as the last thing we want to do is make events too expensive to play in!

New Gaming Events

In order to get around these challenges, we've come up with a new style of gaming event. Once a month, we'll be running a themed Game Day! Some of you may remember our previous themed events (Hogwarts Day, Wild West Gaming, etc) - think of these new Game Days as a similar style event, but on a slightly smaller scale and on a more regular basis.

Each month, we will have one day which is dedicated to a selection of games that fit a particular theme, with the theme changing every month. These events will have a standard entry fee, which allows players to learn and play any game featured on that day. At the end of the day, we will randomly draw a player to win a copy of a featured game from the event! The game given away will depend on how many people attend overall - the more players we have, the bigger the game is we give away.

Stay tuned for the details of our first Game Day taking place at the end of May!

Learning to Play

The other popular response we received was people looking for more learn-to-play events. There are a lot of games out there, and we appreciate sometimes it can be a bit intimidating dropping in on a new one with no idea how it works!

The good news is that most, if not all, of our board game events are suitable for new players, as we can teach you how to play during the event itself with no experience required. The other good news is that we're actively adding more Learn to Play events to our calendar, giving you even more chances to learn something new! Learn to Plays will predominantly feature collectable games and living card games, but occasionally we will try to branch out into other games that don't fit in to other events we run in store.

Want to tell us anything?

Hopefully these articles have given you a bit of insight into what's coming up for Proud Lion Gaming. Of course, if you ever have any feedback or additional comments you'd like to tell us, please let us know! Your feedback not only helps us to improve the service we provide, but can also help us to get access to more and better gaming events. If you'd like to tell us anything, please send it through to Thank you!

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