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When we turned 8 St George's Place into a gaming centre back in August, one of the first things we started running every week was Magic: The Gathering. We've been hosting Friday Night Magic ever since, rotating the event around four main formats - Standard, Draft, Modern, and Multiplayer Commander - that repeat around once a month.

In the last few months however, we've had an increasing number of people asking for Magic events that are new player friendly, and suitable for players who are either just learning the rules or haven't played in awhile. We have the Open House event of course, but this takes place only once every three months - nowhere near as often as we'd like for these players! With this and other considerations in mind, we're going to be making some significant changes to how we run Magic: The Gathering in store.

From Friday 27th April, Friday Night Magic will move to 7pm. This should allow players who travel in for FNM more time to get to us, and should also mean players who finish work later in the day have more opportunities to join in.

As has become our tradition, we will run a Sealed event for the first FNM of Dominaria. After this point (from 4th May), Fridays will swap between Standard and Draft formats weekly. Not only have we had players ask us to run more of these formats, but they are also more suitable for new and casual players to drop in and play. We hope this will help our Magic community to grow and see new faces more often.

In addition to the above, we also want to make FNM more valuable to the players who attend. From the end of April, the entry for FNM will increase slightly so we can improve the prize support for all players. We will be switching to a pack-per-win model, where players will receive a Magic booster pack of the current main set for every round they win (byes not included). We will also be capping all FNM events at 3 rounds to ensure a reasonable finish time and maintain a balanced entry fee. Standard FNM will go to £5, and Draft FNM will be £15. FNM promo cards will now be awarded to Wooden Spoon (bottom placing player) and either to recipients of a "bye" or randomly awarded to players taking part.

We're aware of how popular Commander is in the local area, and how many people are excited by the new Brawl format. We want to make sure we still have these running in store, so we will have Multiplayer Commander format every Friday at 5pm starting from 27th April. The winner of each pod for this event will receive a promo card of their choice (from an available selection in store). Entry for this is £2, or free if you pay for entry to that night's FNM!

Finally, we will continue to hold at least one weekend Magic event each month, with the format to vary depending on recent releases and other special events taking place. Our next weekend event is for the new Brawl format, taking place on Sunday 6th May at 2:30pm. You also have our Two-Headed Giant event to look forward to in June, to run alongside the release of the new Battlebond booster set.

These changes should help us to provide a better overall experience for the majority of players, while still catering for a mix of play styles. If you have any questions, feel free to ask by either emailing us at, or pop into our Magic: The Gathering Facebook group. We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events!

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