Covid-19 Update for May 12th 2020

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Hey folks, we hope you’re all keeping safe and sound! We have been staying at home for the last six weeks as all staff were on furlough, but as of this week, Rae will be returning to work to operate a postal only service for comic and gaming customers. She will be working on her own to minimise the risk to other households, so please be patient while new processes are put in place to ensure she is keeping herself, and our customers, safe!

We’ve had a few questions, and we imagine this will generate a few more, so here are the important answers.

Why didn’t I get an invoice for comics in April?
Diamond UK shut their warehouse for the lockdown with the rest of the country, and did not release any comics for the month of April. Diamond US the following week announced all new releases would be paused while the US entered a similar situation. With no new release comics, there was nothing to invoice you for.

When will new comics be available?
The first round of new comics have arrived this week; these were titles that were intended to be released on 25th March but were not shipped before lockdown. Diamond US intends to resume weekly releases from 20th May, and we expect Diamond UK will aim to do the same. That said, please be aware that there may be delays and amended release dates - comics used to ship to the UK on commercial flights, which obviously are not taking place right now, so we are likely to see some changes while the industry adapts to a new method of international shipping.

What’s going on with Previews for comics?
Previews for April 2020 have arrived with us this week, but unfortunately we will not be able to get physical copies out to customers before the order deadline. A free digital copy of April Previews has been made available, and a link to this was sent out via email in April for customers to review (please check the Proud Lion blog at if you don’t have this). All April Previews preorders are due by no later than 10am on Monday 18th May. At this time, Diamond are not planning to release a Previews catalogue for May 2020.

When will new games be available?
Some new game items will be ready to purchase this week, including new Marvel Champions packs, unpainted miniatures, Pokemon Prerelease packs, and Magic: The Gathering Ikoria products including Prerelease packs. (If you have already preordered any of these products, we will be in touch with you via email very soon.) New releases after this week will depend on our suppliers and when they are able to ship new titles.

How can I pay for my orders?
Comic orders for pull list and rolling reservation customers will be invoiced near the end of the month and will include anything released by that point (and other outstanding orders if applicable); simply keep an eye on your email and pay the invoice when it arrives. Game orders which have already been preordered will likewise be sent an invoice via email, but may come sooner than the end of the month, depending on release dates. New game orders can be placed on the Osiris Games website, and new comic orders can be emailed to and an email invoice can be raised.

How will I receive my orders?
If you would like your order shipped and you have told us this, we will add shipping to your invoice. (If you’ve received or paid an invoice and need shipping added, please let us know.) Once paid, your order will be added to our next dispatch day. We aim to ship out paid orders once a week. If you would rather not have your order shipped, we will hold it until we are able to re-open our store. Collection of orders is currently not available.

What about local delivery?
I’m afraid we have made the decision to remove this offer. We appreciate this is disappointing, especially as it was a new option that we hoped would give our customers more flexibility with receiving their items. However, Rae does not drive, and so the only way we could continue to offer this service is to ask a volunteer to put themselves at risk to deliver orders - and that is something we are simply not willing to do, as it is not fair to them and their family.

Will you be running any events?
There will be no in-store events for quite some time, as we cannot do so while enforcing social distancing. We may add events that can be played online via webcam or similar, but this is something we need to do further investigation into before we can put anything in place. Please keep an eye on social media for any updates.

Is there anything we can do to help?
Thank you so much to everyone who asked us this over the last several weeks, you have truly helped us get through some difficult days. The best way you can help us now is to keep us in mind when you’re shopping for new comics and games - and if you have an outstanding invoice with us, please pay it (or get in touch to discuss alternative options if you’re unable to - I promise, we understand people having financial difficulties, especially now!). We would also be grateful if you could please support and share our social media posts, and help us make sure our messages get out there!

As before, this situation is ever changing and we are committed to making sure our team, our customers, and all their families are safe to support Proud Lion and Osiris Games. When further guidance is available from the government, we will keep you informed as to any potential changes. Thank you, and we’ll be speaking to you again soon!

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