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DC Rebirth goes from strength to strength with some amazing moments delighting across the titles that have already launched, especially as some of the first story arcs draw to a close (the most recent issue of Detective Comics immediately springs to mind!).

Waiting in the wings are the last few new titles from the initial line-up, including Batman Beyond Rebirth #1, Teen Titans Rebirth #1 plus issue #1 of the new Blue Beetle series and the first crossover storyline as the Night of the Monster Men begins across Batman, Detective Comics and Nightwing!

If you missed out on any of these early storylines, DC have announced this week that the first graphic novel collections will come out in January. Pre-orders will go up on the webstore soon.
You'll definitely have noticed that we've had huge amounts of almost all of the early issues of DC Rebirth on the shelves. This is because DC Comics were good enough to offer all of us retailers the chance to return any unsold copies for credit, something that is incredibly rare when it comes to US comic books and magazines (unlike UK newsagents).

That offer was good for the first three months of each DC Rebirth title and as such it is now coming to an end for the first of the Rebirth titles like Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lanterns, etc.
This means our orders will now start to get a lot tighter, so we really urge you to join the Reservation Service (if you haven't already!) and add the titles you are enjoying to your pull list ASAP to avoid disappointment.
The US comic book Direct Market works by confirming orders four weeks before release, then the publishers set a print run based on those pre-orders. We can only guarantee your copy of your favourite comic if you pre-order it in advance; this is why the Reservation Service, rolling reservations and pre-orders in general are essential for Proud Lion and you the customers. Pre-orders convey consumer confidence in a book. If we get no pre-orders for a title, we sadly might not be able to risk ordering any for the shelves at all.
If you need any help, please don't hesitate to stop in store and speak to Ben or Maya, or drop us an email. As a quick reminder, you can also call us on 01242 525636 and we do have a voicemail if you need to leave a message out of hours.
Thanks in advance!

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