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RPG Encounters has been a regular fixture at Proud Lion for over five years, and we're thrilled to see how it has gone from strength to strength! In the last year alone, we've seen a huge increase in players, and have found many more wanting to take part wherever possible. The only thing stopping them was the number of spaces available to play.

That's why we're going to be expanding RPG Encounters and giving it a bit of a refresh! RPGs being run in store are going to have more options for both beginners and experienced players, offering more opportunities for our players.

From September, Beginner's Dungeons & Dragons will run on Thursday evenings from 7pm until 9:30pm (an extra half hour of game time!). Beginner's D&D, intended for players who are new to the game, will feature a rotating selection of one-shot encounters designed to be played in a single session. This means that after 10 sessions, you will have had a chance to try them all - and you should be ready for your own campaign! Sessions for Beginner's D&D will remain at £1 per week.*

Also from September, RPG Campaigns will run on Wednesday evenings from 7pm until 10pm. These will be short campaigns that are intended for experienced players, offering a chance to play in a more continuous adventure. Campaigns run for up to two calendar months at a time, and will run predominantly on the 5th Edition system in a variety of different settings. Players cannot play in two consecutive campaigns, or two campaigns at the same time - this is to ensure that all players have an opportunity to take part. Rather than our traditional drop-in drop-out system, campaigns will take player sign ups in advance. Sessions will be £3 per week, but players will need to pay for the campaign in full when they sign up.

Some changes will also be implemented across both RPG nights. The largest change is that we will no longer be running in six-monthly seasons - the new formats described above remove the need for them! Instead we will look to run a bonus character creation session before Beginner's D&D, roughly once every three months, for players who wish to create their own characters to play.

Next, players will begin receiving rewards in-game for making purchases in store! When you make a purchase in store before or during your game session, you will receive a token which can be given to your GM during that session in exchange for an in-game bonus. More details about this will be available in a follow-up article (coming soon!).

Finally, from September, all players must be at least 16 years old to take part. This is because running games for younger ages often requires more time and different skills than running games for adults, and combining ages in the same game can have a significant impact on the game itself. We appreciate this may be disappointing for the small number of younger players who wish to take part - but if there are enough players wishing to do so, we can certainly look into running a younger ages RPG session! Please get in touch with us at shop@proudlion.co.uk to express your interest in this.

There is one part of this where we will need your help - we're looking for volunteer Dungeon Masters! If you would like to be involved with running either Beginner's D&D or a short campaign, please let us know by emailing shop@proudlion.co.uk and we'll be able to give you more information.

Keep an eye out for further announcements about games being run, the new reward system and more by joining our Roleplaying Games Facebook group. Previously called RPG Encounters, this group is now a general RPG hub for players at Proud Lion, so jump in and get ready to play!

* The "First Week Free" offer will be withdrawn from September.

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