Free RPG Day 2020

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We may not be able to run games in store, but we're still hoping you all get to play roleplaying games this weekend!

For this year, Free RPG Day is going to work a little differently. As we can't run an event in store, all reward items for the event will be free with an RPG purchase from Osiris Games (in-store or online) made between Friday 24th July and Sunday 26th July - this means you get to support your friendly local game store while also getting some pretty cool bonuses!

Purchases can be for any RPG item we have in stock, as well as custom orders for released items that are paid in full. If there's an RPG item you want to buy and don't see it on our webstore, please email us at If we can order it for you and you're happy to pay in advance, it will count toward your Free RPG Day rewards. (With apologies, preorders are not being included this time around to ensure everyone has a shared starting point!)

Free rewards will be sorted into three levels: Copper (spend up to £25), Silver (spend over £25 and up to £50) and Gold (spend over £50). For each level you qualify for, you'll receive one reward from that level. For example, if you spend £60 on RPG items on a single transaction between Friday and Sunday, you'll be able to choose one Bronze reward, one Silver reward, and one Gold reward!

A quick review of the fine print, and then we'll show you what's on offer this year. Customers are only eligible for one free reward item per level, and cannot receive additional items per level by making multiple purchases. Remaining items may be available at a later date after the event has finished, but this is not guaranteed. Please let us know which rewards you would like to claim in the transaction notes when you pay for your purchase. If you place a custom order, your free items will only be available with your order item(s) when they arrive in store. All items are only available while stocks last; if an item you select is not available, please have a backup choice in mind!

Right, let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

COPPER (spend up to £25)

Includes: Voucher for 3x months Roll20 Pro, Keyforge Maw of Abraxas Genesys adventure, Starfinder Skitter Home adventure, Level 1 Indie RPG Anthology

Free RPG Day Rewards - Copper Level

SILVER (spend up to £50)

Includes: Junior Braves Survival Guide Quickstart, Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory Rain of Mercy, Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start Rules and new adventure, Kids on Brooms

Free RPG Day Rewards - Silver Level

GOLD (spend over £50)

Includes: Overlight The Lost Spire of Tziuhquatl, Pathfinder Little Trouble in Big Absalom, Root RPG Quickstart, Neutron 2-dice pack (1x d20 and 1x d6 only)

Free RPG Day Rewards - Gold Level

As always, if you have any questions or order requests, please send them over to Otherwise, start browsing - Friday is not far away!

Check out our RPG range here. Don't forget this includes diceminiatures, and accessories too!

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