Game Events for March 2020

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Every month we pack as many gaming events into our calendar as we can. Here's a rundown of special events you can look forward to next month! Click the event image to get more details.

Board Game SocialBoard Game Social

Sunday 1st March, 12pm

Entry: £2* / Free for Horizons Members

Come in and try out a game from our library, pick up something new from the shelves and get it straight to the table, or bring in your own and get first-hand help with the rules. Your entry fee will be credited back to you on any board game purchase made on the day!

RPG Night - Honey Heist One ShotRPG Night: Honey Heist One Shot

Wednesday 4th March, 7pm

Tickets: £3

You are going to undertake the greatest heist the world has ever seen. Two things:

  1. You have a complex plan that requires precise timing.
  2. You are a GODDAMN BEAR.

Keyforge Prime ChampionshipKeyforge Prime Championship

Saturday 7th March, 10am (registration at 9:30am)

Tickets: £15

Bring your best deck and compete against the Keyforge community to see who claims top spot in our Prime Championship! 

X-Wing Aces HighX-Wing Aces High

Sunday 8th March, 12pm

Tickets: £3

Grab your favourite ships and come down for a multiplayer dogfight! This is an Aces High event using the Osiris Games Variant rules, which can be found here.

Magic: The Gathering Mystery Booster DraftMagic: The Gathering Mystery Booster Draft

Sunday 15th March, 12pm

Tickets: £15

Open new packs and see what you can draft from a set featuring over 1600 reprinted cards! This draft will use the brand new Mystery Boosters to create a fun event that feels like a chaos draft.

RPG Night: Wildemount One ShotRPG Night: Wildemount One Shot

Wednesday 18th March, 7pm / Wednesday 25th March, 7pm

Tickets: £3

Wildemount is a land of dark and epic fantasy, with low-level characters fighting to survive in a world full of common folk who are just as mud-splattered and hungry as they are—and high-level characters contending with the fate of nations and magic that has the power to bring about the end of the world, or the creation of a new one.

Get a sneak peak into the world found in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount with this one-shot adventure!

Pokemon League ChallengePokemon League Challenge

Saturday 21st March, 2:30pm

Tickets: £6

This is your chance to show off your Pokemon skills and challenge yourself against other local players! Bring your favourite Standard deck and get ready to battle against other Pokemon players.

RPG Game Mastering for BeginnersRPG Game Mastering for Beginners

Sunday 22nd March, 12pm

Tickets: £3

Join us for a game mastering panel, where local game masters share advice and ideas with new and soon-to-be GMs! They'll be talking about things they've learned from running games for a variety of players, ideas for getting out of tough story situations, and useful tools to run your games with. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and have a laugh about the best and the worst of being a Game Master!

Pandemic Survival 2020Pandemic Survival 2020

Saturday 28th March, 3pm


In this survival event, your team will be racing against the clock to close all four gates before Cthulhu awakens - or be the last team standing against the darkness!

Magic: The Gathering Commander ChallengeMagic: The Gathering Commander Challenge

Sunday 29th March, 12pm

Tickets: £5

Choose your commander and carve your path to victory in this unique multiplayer Magic format. Call on powerful planeswalkers and deploy their signature strategies to make sure you're the last player standing - or have left the largest impact in your wake...

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