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In our recent Big Gaming Survey, one of the more popular responses we received was that often people look to our website to get information about upcoming events. After doing a review of the website organisation, we realised that finding our events was sometimes more difficult than it should have been, particularly when purchasing tickets online required you to leave our website.

As part of our continuing efforts to make information from Proud Lion more accessible, all of our events will now be placed in a dedicated section on our website! Regular weekly events and upcoming ticketed events can now be found on their own pages, allowing you to easily see what events are coming up. These can be found under "Events and Services" in the main menu.

When you would like to book an advance space for a gaming event, you can now do this with your standard Proud Lion website login. If you have purchased an advance ticket from us via Ticketsource in the past, we will shortly be sending you an invitation to activate an account for the Proud Lion website - this will allow you to purchase event tickets directly from us online. The best part of this? No more booking fees!

If while trying to purchase a ticket you receive a message saying your email address has already been taken, it's likely we have already taken your details in store and have an account ready to be activated for you. Get in touch with us at if this is the case, and we'll get your activation invite sent to you! (Please do not create a new account with a different email address, as this makes it harder for us to ensure your ticket is logged correctly!)

As events will now be listed directly on our website, we will shortly be removing access to the Proud Lion Google Calendar. If you have any difficulties finding an event, please let us know at

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