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You've travelled far and wide for this moment. You've hunted for the treasure of the Lords of Waterdeep and worked with the guilds of Ravnica. You've witnessed the great Archons forging keys to their mysterious Vaults. You've challenged powerful Planeswalkers, mystical Jedi, and the honour-driven clans of Rokugan.

You've investigated stories of enormous houses twisting and betraying its visitors, terrifying creatures with unblinking eyes in otherwise sleepy towns, and undead creatures that can only be destroyed with the bile of a dragon. You've built ancient wonders and mosaics fit for a king, explored the depths of dungeons in space, and cured diseases spreading around the world.

And now the moment has arrived. You stand at the end of the long road you have quested down for the last three weeks, surveying your final goal.

The loot table.

You stare at the collection of prizes: playmats, miniatures, metal game markers, adventure packs and more. And there, at the back, a giant mystery, destined for the first adventurer who achieves the ultimate accomplishment on this final test.

You rub your hands together, preparing yourself for the last step of your journey. You pick up the dice, take a deep breath, and roll...

On Saturday 22nd December, Proud Lion is hosting a holiday party! This is an opportunity for us and the local hobby community to have a chilled out evening together before the holidays set in. There is no entry fee, all we ask is that each attendee brings a bit of food to share. (Oh, and that you please don't bring your own games for this one – we'll have a healthy selection of party games available for people who want to play!)

It wouldn't be the holiday season without some gifts though, so we're running a special prize offering at the event! Every party attendee will be able to roll a d20 after they arrive – on our dice, no substitutes! If they roll a 20 (or higher... keep reading!), they will get to choose a gift from the loot table. The loot table will include playmats, art prints, promo cards, a variety of promo items from a range of games, and a few complete games as well, offering plenty of goodies to choose from. We also have a special mystery prize that can be chosen by an attendee who gets a natural 20 on their loot roll (first come, first served). No clues, no hints – just a big box surprise!

So how exactly does one roll higher than a 20 on a d20 for this? By supporting Proud Lion throughout December! Participants will be able to add +1 to their roll for every qualifying product they purchase between 1st and 22nd December. Qualifying products include:

  • Tabletop games and expansions (£9.99 or more)
  • RPG books (£24.99 or more)
  • Collectable game booster boxes (individual booster packs not included, with the exception of Magic: The Gathering Ultimate Masters booster packs)
  • Boxed collectable game items (such as non-random preconstructed decks, special card box sets, etc)
  • Playmats

You can make your purchases in store or online, you can order items in if we don't have them in stock, and you can make preorders, all of which will qualify for your loot roll, provided they are paid in full by 22nd December! Make sure your name and email address are attached to each order. Don't go too crazy though – no individual can add more than +9 to their loot roll.

Finally, if your loot roll is unsuccessful, you will receive a voucher for £5 off your next purchase of £50 or more from Proud Lion (normal T&C applies).

We hope to see you soon adventurers! And if we don't, may you have a lovely holiday season!

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