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Wizards of the Coast are doing their best to help Friendly Local Game Stores keep going in light of the challenges brought on by recent times. The newest initiative of these is the Love Your LGS promotion, something we're very excited to be taking part of!

From 5th June, players that support Osiris Games have the opportunity to get hold of three different items - a promo Reliquary Tower card, a promo Mechagodzilla card, and an Ikoria art print!

Please note: These promos are not expected to arrive with us until July. If you want your promo to be shipped with your purchase, we will hold your item until the promo card becomes available and ship them together. Alternatively, we can ship or hold your purchase in store and hold your promo card for collection when we are able to safely re-open.

Reliquary Tower Promo Card

To get this promo card, all you need to do is make a purchase of any sealed Magic: The Gathering product. This could be a booster pack, a Bundle, a Commander deck, a Prerelease Pack, or any other sealed official MTG product we have in stock. These are capped at one per customer. To take a look at what's available, check out our MTG collection.

Mechagodzilla Battle Fortress Promo Card

Every player who purchases a booster box from Osiris Games will receive one of these fantastic Hangarback Walker cards! These are not limited, so you'll get one card for every booster box you buy (while supplies last). This includes the Mystery Booster boxes arriving soon, as well as preorders for Core 2021, which will all be available to preorder from Friday. If you want a booster box that currently isn't in stock, please get in touch at, as we may be able to order it in for you!

Note: Booster boxes must be paid in full to qualify for promo card.

Ikoria Art Print

These beautiful prints are intended to be given out to players who are able to attend in-store events, where these are possible. As I'm sure you can understand, due to the size of our store, this is unlikely to be possible for quite some time - but we don't want our players to be missing out!

We'll be starting a series of at-home play events for our local players from this weekend, and players that take part in this will have an Ikoria art print held for them to collect when we are able to re-open the store (capped at one print per player). More information about these, and how they will work, will be available this week, so keep an eye out on the Osiris Games website!

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