New Beginnings - Doom Patrol #1

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By Cyril Bunt

Doom Patrol #1 by Gerard Way

I have the privilege of reviewing the first issue of DC's new imprint Young Animal, which features a collection of four series aimed at mature readers, and they’re off to a great start. I am new to the universe of the Doom Patrol, so I cannot comment on its similarities to the original series, but it is certainly an extremely out-of-this-world story that’s nothing like I’ve read before.

In the first issue, writer Gerard Way is clearly gathering all the jigsaw pieces together and pulling the characters to form the team. The issue opens up with Casey Brinke driving an ambulance at full speed, clearly enjoying the rush - but also battling with the fact that not all of these journeys conclude with saving a patient. I enjoyed the beginnings of Casey Brinke and she seems like a character with so many levels to her.

Then things go from tricky to really confusing. We switch between worlds of what makes some sort of sense to the universe inside of a ‘Gyro’ that Casey’s medical partner Sam has. I did mention this comic is a little more than weird...

Did I enjoy this issue? I don’t know how to answer that. I enjoyed what I read, and liked what I saw with the panel work, but did I get what was going on? No, I didn’t – this issue didn't really make sense to me. This isn’t to say it’s a bad issue; I believe this is set up in the exact way the team of writer and artists wanted it to be.

Doom Patrol #1The art for this series is by Nick Derington, an artist whose work I'm not immediately aware of. I like the art displayed in the issue and I think that it fits the story well. The slight changes in style when the panels switch from one world to the other is a nice fit.

Maybe the next issue will bring more answers to my questions and I do look forward to the next issue but I can’t hold my breathe too much. I'm sure the puzzle pieces found in future issues will complete the picture, but I hope they will appear sooner rather then later. I enjoy a story that takes me out of the ordinary, but I also really appreciate the sign posts to help stop me from getting completely lost in an infinite space that I can’t come back from.

Doom Patrol feels like it holds great potential, especially because it lives under the new DC publication of ‘Young Animal’. The opportunity to get a really great story that’s outside of the usual is going to give the writer and artist a lot of freedom.

Cyril is getting back to preparing for his Open University studies.

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