New Beginnings - Giants #1

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Giants #1

Dark Horse Comics
Writer/Artist: Carlos and Miguel Valderrama

On first glance, I thought I knew what sort of story Giants was going to be telling – future Earth, giant monsters, humans struggling to survive. So far, so stereotypical. But on further thought and re-reading, I can see that this is not that story. This is the story of how life goes on for the human race long after many have forgotten why they are hiding in the first place.This is not the 'Pacific Rim' story of how the upper echelons of our military fight back, but the story of what happens to the lowest rungs of society after the monsters arrive.

Zedo and Gogi are in the gutter, dreaming of the stars. They desire to join the Blood Wolves, a gang embroiled in a turf war with the Grim Bastards. This will gain them recognition, respect. It will make them matter. Unfortunately, their grand plan has got off to a bad start, as an attempt to steal a mysterious substance known Ambernoir doesn't go exactly to plan. The Blood Wolves leader recognises their tenacity, and possibly their disposability, and sends them on a mission to the surface – the realm of the Giants. But they are about to learn that perhaps the most dangerous monster of all is ambition.

The art is lively and evocative, equally at home able with close in action sequences as it is with sweeping vistas to give us a sense of scale. Good use of colour and contrast, as well as good pacing throughout the script give a dynamic and polished final product. The slums are appropriately gritty and dark, yet warm; the surface world cold, stark and barren.

The Giants themselves take a fairly back-seat role in the story, and we learn little of their origins, motivations and capabilities. For most people, they only exist as the sound of massive footsteps above the underground slums - but when we do see them, we can see why humanity seeming lost control of the planet. This is their world now. And yet, we've seen such a small part of this world in the first issue – the potential for the setting and the story is almost as large as the monsters are. The Valderrama brothers are a fantastic new talent, and this is a brilliant debut series.

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