New Beginnings - Oblivion Song

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Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Lorenzo De Felici

We here at Proud Lion were sent an advance copy of the first 6 issues of Oblivion Song, the latest ongoing monthly series from Walking Dead and Outcast writer, Robert Kirkman. This is in the comic store, available for people to have a look through, so come on in and have a browse if you want to get a feel for it.

The basic premise revolves around an incident that happened in Philadelphia, which sent 300,000 citizens and 30 square miles of city into a hellish alternate dimension known as Oblivion. Initially, there was a strong government response, but as the results dried up, so did the funding for search-rescue operations. Nathan Cole, however, hasn't given up. Almost a decade later, he still makes regular trips into Oblivion, risking his life to try and save those who are still lost, living alone and afraid in the apocalyptic hellscape. But is Nathan doing this out of a sense of duty, due to altruism, or is he motivated by something else entirely?

One thing that Oblivion Song achieves fantastically well is an avoidance of clunky exposition. So often the first issue of a new series can get bogged down having to introduce the world and the characters to the reader, explaining how the physics differ from our world. There is a great article in Image+ exploring how Oblivion Song contains a lesson for aspiring artists and writers in how to organically convey this information to the reader through the use of art and dialogue.

This is artist Lorenzo De Felici's first major work for the American comics market, having previously worked on covers. His participation in a new comic series was announced by producing variant covers for all of the Skybound titles in September. I'm delighted that De Felici is listed as co-creator of the title, and I certainly get the feeling that he has been working very closely with Kirkman to create this world. This is some of my favourite world-building I've ever come across in a comic.

Oblivion Song #1 is now available in store, so come on in and check it out for yourself!

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