Proud Lion Gaming is becoming Osiris Games!

Posted by Rae Hurley on

We're excited to announce that Proud Lion Gaming is rebranding, and from Friday 1st November will be called Osiris Games! While the Gaming Centre's name may be changing, our goal of being the best community-driven tabletop game store is not. We will still be bringing you board games, role playing games, collectable games, and everything that comes with them at every opportunity.

There are two main changes coming with this. The first is that our website address will shortly be changing to, so if you visit our website for gaming regularly, you'll need to update your bookmarks! (If you're looking for comic book updates, you will still be visiting the Proud Lion website - see below for more information.)

The second change is to our emails, which will now need to be sent to (and coming from)! Please make sure to add this email address to your address book so our emails get to you and not your spam filter. If you receive our weekly email newsletter, or would like to be added to this list, please click here to make sure your information is added to the Osiris Games mailing list.

Important: Proud Lion Comics will continue to be your dedicated comic store in Cheltenham! Only the Gaming Centre will be changing, so rest assured you will still be able to find your comic goodness from, and your regular information will still be available every week. You can also be reassured that both Osiris Games and Proud Lion are owned and operated by PL Horizons, so you will still be seeing the same familiar faces behind the counter!

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