Proud Lion's Anti-Harrassment Policy

Posted by Ben Fardon on

We've been big supporters of the Comics are for everybody campaign here at Proud Lion - we think it's brilliant that we now have a black Captain America, a female Thor, a gay Batwoman, an Asian Superman, a Muslim Ms Marvel, and a range of diverse characters and stories in comics varying from The Wicked + The Divine to the upcoming Kim & Kim. We love that our customers demographics now better reflect the modern world!

Everyone is welcome at Proud Lion, and it's worth noting in the wake of last week's EU Referendum that that includes both Leave and Remain voters. PL Horizons Ltd is an apolitical company, and whilst we may discuss our feelings about recent events in store with loyal customers and friends, it's worth remembering that our personal political views remain our own, and do not reflect any business agenda.

That said, we would like to reiterate that we have anti-harrassment policy in place to protect our customers and staff.

We will not tolerate any racist abuse or other intolerance at Proud Lion. We will take appropriate action against anyone who violates that policy.

Comics are for everybody, and everyone is welcome here at Proud Lion. Please respect that. Thank you.

Good luck to everyone in the difficult times ahead.

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