Re-opening for pre-booked collections on Wednesday 8th July!

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First, we would like to say thank you to all the customers who have continued to purchase their comics and games with us, who have paid their pull list and order invoices, and who have supported us as much as they can. You have truly made a difference, and we're glad to have you as part of our community!

Next, we get to the reason you probably clicked on the link to get here – we're re-opening for pre-booked collections in store from Wednesday 8th July! We know many of you have been waiting for this day, and we're grateful for your patience while we put several changes in place in our store for everyone's safety. As you can imagine, the store at Osiris Games, 8 St George's Place (where we will continue to operate for both comics and games for the foreseeable future) is going to look and feel a bit different than it did before lockdown. We also are going to have new rules in place for collections, to protect both customers and staff as much as possible during the ongoing pandemic.

1) Collections must be booked in advance. Collection slots will be available on Wednesday (3pm – 6pm, comic pull list customers only), Thursday (12pm – 3pm), Friday (3pm – 6pm), and Saturday (12pm – 3pm). An online booking system will be put in place on our websites to accommodate this, and make it easy for you to book your collection. Additional slots will be added if there is sufficient demand!

2) Face masks / coverings must be worn while on the premises. We will also have a hand sanitiser station just inside the door; please use this when entering the building.

3) No more than two people present during a collection slot. Any additional people with you will need to wait outside please. If you bring a child into the building, you are responsible for ensuring they follow our rules and observe appropriate social distancing.

4) Browsing will not be permitted. Customers can ask for and purchase items from the shelf, and staff will get them for you. Remember collection slots are only 10 minutes long, so please make sure to have some idea of what you want before you come in!

5) Comic pull lists must be paid in advance to be collected. With the limited time of each slot, we simply cannot go through each individual pull list, scan each item, and organise payment without additional risk to staff and customer. If you intend to pick up a pull list, you must have paid your invoice for it before you book your collection. (You can add one-off items while in store if you wish and there is time to do so, but wherever possible, please request these in advance!) For the minority of customers who are unable to do this, or if you have not received an invoice for your items, please contact us at for comics or for games.

6) Card payment only, contactless is preferred where possible. We will be unable to accept any cash payments until further notice.

7) If you have symptoms or test positive for Covid-19, have been in contact with someone who has in the last four weeks, or you are or live with a high-risk individual, DO NOT book a collection slot. Any customer who displays symptoms of Covid-19 will not be allowed in the building, and will not be able to book a collection for at least two weeks.

Any customer who is unwilling to follow these rules will not be able to collect their items in store, and we will continue to offer shipping services as an alternative. Customers who do not follow these rules while in store will have to leave immediately.

We also need to ask all customers to bring their own bags please! We are not able to offer carrier bags in store as we cannot accept card payments for such a small amount.

We appreciate some of these rules might seem draconian to some, but they are necessary to protect all individuals who come in the store. Osiris Games inc Proud Lion Comics is a family business, and as such we must take care to ensure our family – which includes two at-risk individuals – are being as safe as possible. We must also point out that Rae is the only member of staff working in the store, and if she becomes ill or is required to self-isolate along with her household, the entire business must shut down during that time. Our hope is that with more regular deliveries from suppliers and this new way of visiting the store in person, revenue will stabilise enough to bring additional staff back and add more options as the situation develops.

If you value our store and our staff, we ask you to please remember this and respect our decision to put these rules in place. Thank you for your patience while we worked to offer the safest way to invite our customers back into our store, and we'll see you soon!

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