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It's been nearly two years since Proud Lion was asked to pick up the Magic: The Gathering events in Cheltenham from Game On. We've spent a lot of that time learning how to run these events, and the best way to offer formats and prizing for our community of players. We know you've seen us go through a lot of changes with how we do things in that time, so we appreciate you sticking with us while we go through the process of working things out!

The thing that we've come to understand best over the last couple years is that all our players are looking for something a little different. Some want to play casually, some want to compete. Some people prefer flat prizing, others would like rank-based rewards. Format preferences are all over the place, and experience levels vary just as widely. But at the end of the day, the one thing all these players want is the same - to play.

With that in mind, we're refreshing how we run some of our Magic events in store. Some events will not change at all - Friday's 5pm Commander will continue exactly as it does now! Our weekend events will see us highlighting experience levels suitable for that event, with the intention of offering more beginner-friendly events to introduce newer players to casual tournament structures, as well as more competitive Commander events.

The largest changes will be to Friday Night Magic (FNM). This weekly event will now run with two tiers of play - casual and competitive. Casual play will focus on open play, flat prizing, and the opportunity to play any format you like - perfect for beginners, casual formats like Commander, and relaxed play. Competitive play will use a tournament structure with some flat and some rank-based prizing each week, and rotate between Draft, Standard, and Pauper formats - ideal for players who want a bit more of a challenge and rewards for doing well.

Rewards will also be seeing a change - as Wizards are giving WPN stores more flexibility with our prize support, we would like to offer our players the same opportunity. Friday Night Magic will be moving to a Token system, where players are rewarded with Token cards which can be kept or traded back in for other rewards. Tokens can be exchanged in store for:

  • One standard Magic booster pack of your choice
  • £3 off any Magic product
  • £1.50 off any Magic event ticket

Casual players will each receive one Token for playing in FNM. Competitive players will also each receive one Token, plus one additional Token will be added to their prize pool. Tokens can be used straight away, or saved up and used all at once - it's your choice! All Tokens will be sleeved, and will need to stay in this original sleeve to be exchanged.

In addition to this, we will be using the new Promo Packs! Some of these four-card packs will be awarded at random in our FNM events, while the rest will be used for special tournaments and weekend events. One pack will be randomly awarded to a Casual tier player, and two packs (one normal, one foil) will be randomly awarded to Competitive tier players (one each).

All of these changes will be coming into effect from the release of Core 2020 (Friday 12th July) and will be staying until at least the end the following set (codename "Archery"). As always, any feedback or concerns can be emailed to us at or posted in our Magic: The Gathering Facebook group - feel free to let us know what you think!

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