Regarding Android Netrunner LCG: Reign and Reverie Deluxe Expansion

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UPDATE (Tuesday 19th June): We've been informed by our supplier that this item is now likely to be allocated, meaning many retailers will potentially receive less copies than they have ordered. We suspect this is due to many stores increasing their supplier orders in response to the "panic buying" situation described below. While we have increased our own order to account for any potential allocations, we do not wish to be in a situation where we are unable to fulfil our customer orders. For this reason, we are putting a freeze on pre-orders for this item. We will maintain a waiting list should we receive additional copies; please contact us at to be added to this list if you have not yet pre-ordered a copy of this expansion. Thank you for your understanding.

Proud Lion would like to give you all an update regarding the upcoming final expansion for Android Netrunner LCG, Reign and Reverie. We've seen a sudden rush of customers ordering this expansion. We've had customers informing us that many other stores are showing their pre-orders as sold out and telling us that this expansion will have a “limited print run”. We're also aware of rumours about no stock being sent to Australia, but have seen conflicting reports on this as well.

We'd like to take a moment to let you know that, after speaking to our supplier, they are currently unaware of any shortages or allocations expected on this expansion. No indication has been given from Fantasy Flight or our supplier that we will not be able to order enough copies to satisfy our customer pre-orders. For this reason, we are still accepting pre-orders for this product, and will only cease doing so if we receive word from our supplier that stock will be limited.

At the moment this situation seems to have been created by a sense of “panic buying”, with players concerned that the print run for this product will not be enough to cover demand (a belief that is being helped along by players advising others to “buy now or miss out”). This can have a knock-on effect in multiple ways, as it can encourage stores to be overly cautious with a sudden increase in pre-order numbers, and it can also falsely inflate the number of pre-orders a store has to fill, leading to higher order numbers and the increased possibility of stock allocations. While we understand the reasons that would lead to this, we are currently confident that we will be able to fill our customer orders.

That said, we are monitoring the situation closely, and are keeping in close contact with our supplier to ensure any updates are dealt with quickly and efficiently if required. If for any reason allocations occur, we will prioritise our customer pre-order fulfilment as follows:

  1. Existing Netrunner LCG subscriptions
  2. Customer pre-orders paid in full
  3. Customer pre-orders not yet paid

If you are aware of any official information in regards to this, feel free to send the source through to us at Thank you.

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  • Hey thanks for the post, I was guilty of sending you a panicked email and appreciate the reassurance. Lets hope your supplier is the carefully considered one, and not the blissfully unaware one.

    Conor on

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