RPG Encounters moves to Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Posted by Rae Hurley on

Yes, you read that right - for the first time since RPG Encounters began in August 2014, this weekly event is changing days! Tuesday will become D&D night, and any other RPGs being run will take place on Thursdays. This change of day will begin with Encounters Season 10, starting on March 5th 2019!

Moving Encounters has not been an easy decision, as it has had a home on Wednesday nights for many years - originally done because Wizards of the Coast insisted on that day of the week! (Thankfully they changed their minds and now are happy for us to run D&D any day of the week!) We believe the change will be a benefit to many players, not just our role-players. Running D&D and other games on separate nights means we can once again return to having two D&D groups, which will help greatly with making sure everyone has a seat to play. D&D players will also be able to take part in other games as well, rather than having to choose between one or the other - and we can offer additional alternative games for anyone looking for some variety.

Thursday gamers, don't panic - this change now means many of our Thursday events will be shifting to Wednesdays instead! We may also have tables available on Thursdays for casual play, depending on what games are running on the night.

We appreciate those who have grown accustomed to playing on a Wednesday might find this difficult to adjust to, but we hope making this announcement in advance gives you the opportunity to continue to play with us. We also look forward to meeting all the new players that have previously been unable to attend on Wednesdays, may you have some fantastic adventures with us!

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