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Proud Lion: Civil War


Since we began in 2008, Proud Lion has always strived to bring a balance of comic books and gaming to Gloucestershire, as the county's premier shop for these amazing products. Now we want to take that to the next level, by further specialising in each of these interests. Beginning in August 2017 (TBC), Proud Lion will operate two separate shops in Cheltenham!

Proud Lion GamingAt the existing site - 8 St Georges Place - the Proud Lion you know and love will transform into a friendly and welcoming Tabletop Gaming Centre! We'll have space for up to 32 players in store, plus a broader range of board games, card games and more - including Magic: The Gathering! There will also be a specially curated games library, a tuck shop, interactive demonstrations and new opening hours, plus a host of organised play events and tournaments including M:TG every Friday evening.

Meanwhile, comics and graphic novels are moving into their own dedicated cosy book store on the High Street, just round the corner from the existing location. We're now busy transforming 293 High Street into a refuge for comic book fans of all ages, old and new. We'll be able to offer you a more faithful service, including pull lists through our Reservation Service, bespoke recommendations, and our beloved Graphic Novel Club!

Proud Lion ComicsBen will be managing the comic store, continuing to bring almost 20 years of experience in the industry to the local scene. Rae is leaving her current job and officially joining the team full-time as the manager of the gaming centre, harnessing her passion for gaming and her outgoing demeanour. Our team continues to be rounded out by the additional talents of Maya and Chris.

Of course, we're a highly competitive bunch and of course, this means war! The Proud Lion Civil War will soon commence and every week we'll be posting up that week's winning store! More details coming soon.

Please note we are not recruiting at this time.

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  • Knew it! :D

    Good luck to all the great staff at Proud Lion in this new stage!

    Doug on

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