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Each week, the staff here at Proud Lion will be taking a look at our new releases and talking about their personal favourites. Take a look at our selections for this week!

Star Wars Rogue One Adaptation #1Ben: Star Wars Rogue One Adaptation #1

This excellent adaptation of the recent Star Wars film takes the story we know and gives us more. We get to see things we previously only heard about, such as Bodhi's interaction with Galen Erso, while still experiencing the dangerous mission taken on by Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, and K-2SO. This is a beautiful issue, not to be missed.

Cthulhu Monster PackRae: King Of Tokyo Cthulhu Monster Pack Expansion

IELLO has worked out the perfect way to release a new monster to use in their King of Tokyo and King of New York board games. This pack not only gives you a brand new adorable Cthulhu monster to play, but also includes everything you need to slot him neatly into either game, from New York tokens to Power Up cards. This is only the first in their series of Monster Packs, so I'm looking forward to see what monster comes out next!

The Royals #1Maya: All New Wolverine #19 and The Royals

All New Wolverine #19 is a perfect jump on point for people to pick up an X-23 story after the Logan film, with X-23 now wearing a take on the original X-Force costume. There's a good setup for a story in which she has 48 hours to save an island of people - including Iron Heart - from death. Her little sister Gabby is also a fun and lighthearted balance to the older brooding Laura, who is trying to prove she deserves the Wolverine title.

The Royals #1 is also a great starting point for anyone who has wanted to try an Inhumans comic, as it is focused on just a few characters dealing with the knowledge that they're responsible for making their generation the last of their kind. It's setting up for an interesting redemption story after the events of Inhumans vs X-Men, but explains enough backstory for new readers to jump right in. I'm very interested to see where this story takes the Inhumans next.

Eleanor and the Egret #1Chris: Eleanor and the Egret #1 and Star Wars Rogue One Adaptation #1

Aftershock continue to impress me with this first part of brand new series Eleanor and the Egret. Whimsical and occasionally almost caricatured artwork couple with enjoyable, breezy story telling to create a nice easy going read that I enjoyed from beginning to end. This first issue left me desperate to know more: Who is Eleanor? Why does she have an Egret? What motivates her life choices? Is that Egret sitting on her hat? Whatever the answers to these vital questions, fantastical capers look to be in store in this refreshing tale of feathers and felonies.

Rogue One was probably my favourite film of 2016, and so naturally I was excited to hear that a comic adaptation was in the works. I love that Rogue One Adaptation is not a simple retelling, but more like an alternative edit: we get new scenes, new dialogue, not in the cinematic cut of the film. All of the stuff I loved is still here, but I get bonus new goodies to go along with it. The artwork is good, new material slides neatly into the existing storyline and I get to revisit my favourite moments as well, I couldn't have asked for much more.

Please note: Eleanor and the Egret #1 is currently sold out, but we are currently taking pre-orders for the graphic novel.

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