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Each week, the staff here at Proud Lion will be taking a look at our new releases and talking about their personal favourites. Take a look at our selections for this week!

X-Men Blue #1Ben: X-Men Blue #1

After the recent release of X-Men Gold, this new title is a fresh and fun X-Men adventure, that brings the reader in without throwing all the excess baggage that can come with other X-Men titles. X-Men Blue #1 does need a little bit of background knowledge to get the full experience, so it's not a perfect jumping on point for brand new readers, but any X-Men fan should enjoy this title.

Rae: A Game of Thrones The Card Game 2nd Edition: Watchers on the Wall Expansion

The newest deluxe expansion for the Game of Thrones LCG is a must have! For anyone playing the Night's Watch faction, you will find a slew of new cards that will make your decks even more deadly. For all other factions, there are enough critical cards to be worth picking up, including some fantastic new characters and plot cards, such as the terrifying Frozen Expanse card!

Immortal Brothers The Tale of the Green KnightMaya: Immortal Brothers The Tale of the Green Knight #1

This Valiant one-shot is an enjoyable read, especially as a fan of Arthurian legend. It's a fun reimagining of the legend with heroes of the Valiant universe, some of which are immortals with unique abilities. There are some great laughs, as well as some nerdy D&D references thrown in. The story is true to the legend with just enough of a twist to make it an interesting and original read, and makes for a good introduction to a couple of the valiant characters, such as Faith and the Eternal Warrior, so feels like the perfect one-off pick up.

Spencer & Locke #1Chris: Spencer & Locke #1

Spencer & Locke has been described as Calvin and Hobbes meets Sin City, and turned out to be an almost pure nostalgia hit from start to finish. Locke was a very similar 6 year old to Calvin, and flashbacks to his childhood are drawn in homage to Bill Watterson's art style. We see a red wagon careening down a hill, we see snowballs, we see a draconic teacher and we see his childhood (imaginary) best friend - a panther named Spencer. But here Locke is now grown up, working as a detective with Spencer as his partner, investigating the death of one of his former schoolmates.

I think fans of the Calvin and Hobbes comic will enjoy a referenced filled look into what might have become of Calvin if he lived in a dark, crime filled world. I also think there's enough here for someone not aware of the original material to get their teeth into, so well worth checking out.

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