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Each week, the staff here at Proud Lion will be taking a look at our new releases and talking about their personal favourites. Take a look at our selections for this week!

Rae: Pokémon TCG Sun & Moon Guardians Rising Elite Trainer Box

Upfront admission, I don't play Pokemon - but this box set is a fantastic addition to the game, and it's too nice to not be showed off! The new Trainer Box is not only large enough to hold a huge number of cards, but also includes eight Sun & Moon - Guardians Rising boosters, Tapu Koko card sleeves, damage counter dice, and acrylic tokens to be used in play. It's all presented fantastically, and is a beautiful collector's item for both competitive and casual Pokemon players.

Secret Warriors #1Maya: Secret Warriors #1

Now that Hydra is control of most of the world, Inhumans are being rounded up for prison camps and the royal family are half way across the Galaxy. It's up to Quake, Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur and Ms. Marvel to build a resistance to keep the Inhumans safe. This first issue shows us how this trio get together and how they're coping under the Hydra regime while remaining light hearted and fun for readers, with some great moments from Moongirl (who has some of my favourite lines by far in this comic). I look forward to following this team up through the entirety of the Secret Empire event and hopefully for a while after.

Chris: Atomic Blonde (a.k.a. The Coldest City) TP

This was a tough choice, with both Rocket #1 and Screaming Citadel #1 good enough to be picked any other week, but Atomic Blonde narrowly came out on top.

As soon as I picked this book up, I could see why someone chose to adapt this for the big screen - its stark black and white illustrations perfectly evoke the feeling of old school espionage in 1980s Berlin. Lorraine Broughton has been dispatched by MI6 to recover vital information carried by a murdered agent - a list of every spy in Berlin. Set over two weeks towards the end of 1989, this is a tense spy thriller full of intrigue, mistrust and paranoia.

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