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Each week, the staff here at Proud Lion will be taking a look at our new releases and talking about their personal favourites. Take a look at our selections for this week!

Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1Ben: Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1 

This issue starts readers off on a new Spider-Man adventure and brings you everything you can expect from writer Chip Zdarsky. It's fun and fresh, and is the perfect comic for lapsed or new Spider-Man fans. Definitely not one to miss!

Cypher System RPG PredationRae: Cypher System RPG Predation

The Cypher RPG gets a new setting book, featuring science fiction and dinosaurs! This post-apocalyptic world has humans travelling back in time, which is awesome - well, until they get stuck there right before an asteroid is about to hit and wipe everything out. This book features some amazing art and fantastic new mechanics, including dinosaur companions! Because who doesn't want a pet raptor, right?

Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1Maya: Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1

This issue is fun and in your face with crude humour. When "Major City" is attacked by giant bears, the government calls in Shirtless, a man raised by bears to deal with the problem. This comic is filled with over the top, dirty and laugh out loud jokes. I enjoyed this from beginning to end and instantly added it to my pull list. Definitely not for kids, but anyone with an immature sense of humour will love this.

Crosswind #1Chris: Crosswind #1

Cason is a man working in a high octane world of expensive hotels and chauffeured cars. Someone in his organisation has talked to the Feds, and it's his job to find out who. Juniper is an over-worked house-wife in a mundane world of shopping and an under-appreciative husband whose biggest problems are dealing with the attentions of local teenagers.

And their lives are about to get turned upside down as they end up leading each other's lives. This is an astonishing first issue of a great new series that I can't wait to read the next part.

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