RPG Game Mastering for Beginners

RPG Game Mastering for Beginners

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Running your own role playing game is both an incredible challenge and an enormous amount of fun! The Game Master (or Dungeon Master) is in charge of creating a world for players to run around in, introducing them to a host of characters, throwing monsters of every description in their path, and providing an exciting and interesting adventure of which those players become the heroes. Starting out as a new GM can be even more daunting, and can come with a lot of questions about where to begin and what to expect.

If this sounds familiar or is something you'd like to try for yourself, join us for a game mastering panel, where local game masters share advice and ideas with new and soon-to-be GMs! They'll be talking about things they've learned from running games for a variety of players, ideas for getting out of tough story situations, and useful tools to run your games with. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and have a laugh about the best and the worst of being a Game Master!