RPG One Shots (Sunday 10th November, 12:30pm)

RPG One Shots (Sunday 10th November, 12:30pm)

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Jump in to a short, stand-alone adventure with other players in our RPG One Shots! You don't need to bring anything with you, and no experience is required - although you are welcome to bring your own dice if you prefer!


Night on the Town Part 1: Happy Hour (Dungeons & Dragons) - max 6 players, GM: Chris Sparke

The adventures follow the lives of several comrades and friends living in the seedy port districts of New Angeles, the massive megalopolis that forms the heart of the Android setting. The PCs are friends who meet for happy hour on Friday night. However, their night is interrupted and their lives upended when a casual acquaintance gets them involved in a major heist and feud between two powerful rival gangs. The PCs must choose which gang they want to back—and survive the other gang’s wrath—if they want to come out of these events alive.

DM's needed! Want to run a game for this event? Get in touch with us at shop@osiris.games!