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Okayama, Japan, March 2000:

A man in his sixties lies dead on the floor of his living room. Beside him are a broken wine glass and a picture of a young woman in a wheelchair. The deceased wears an old-fashioned blue suit. He shows no signs of injury, but there is an old scar, barely visible, above his eye. In his jacket, a phone rings, playing the melody of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, while a petal from the cherry twig on the nearby table circles to the ground…

So far humanity had all reason to believe that in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. They might want to reconsider the death part...In UNDO players are sent by the Gods as "fate weavers" who are tasked to use their limited time-travelling abilities in order to understand the tragic fate of a recently deceased person - and undo their death by changing their past. In this innovative, cooperative new game line players must decide together which moment in the deceased person´s past they want to visit. Deduction, empathy, and intuition are required since in each of these moments they´ll have to make one impactful decision - the sum of their decisions will determine, whether their endeavor was successfull, or if an avoidable death becomes final after all.

UNDO combines a time travel theme and cooperative, communication-focused gameplay with stirring, original stories, which need to be pieced together one time jump at a time. Each decision should be carefull considered because if their assignment Fails, death can no more be undone.

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