Osiris Games is a FLGS - Friendly Local Gaming Store - based in the heart of Cheltenham. We focus on tabletop gaming, including board games, collectable card games, role playing games, and more. We also run a variety of events every week, so it's always worth checking our events calendar to see what's going on!

This store was originally part of Proud Lion, a comic and gaming store founded by Ben Fardon in 2008. Proud Lion later grew into a family business as Rae Hurley came on board to expand gaming in store. An avid gamer herself, Rae began regularly running demo days, tournaments, board game events, and teaching new games to players at every opportunity.

In 2017, Proud Lion split into two stores - a comic shop and a gaming centre. The gaming centre took on its new name, Osiris Games, on 1st November 2019.