Free gift with purchase!

It's the holiday season, and we'd like to help make your visit to our store this month a little more special. From Wednesday 2nd December until we close on Christmas Eve, we are offering free gifts with your purchase!

One comic book, comic pack, book or graphic novel = One Free Comic Book Day comic

One tabletop board game, roleplaying game item, or £10 miniature spend = One gaming promo or Free RPG Day item

£10 spend on collectable games and accessories, including dice, booster packs, sleeves, deck boxes, etc = One CCG promo item for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, or Transformers

These gifts can be stacked!

For example, if your purchase includes two comic books, a board game, a roleplaying game book, and £30 of Pokemon items, you would receive two FCBD comics, two gaming promos, and three CCG promos with your order.

Preorders and comic pull lists for items released in December count!

Items that are in stock or released in December all count for this offer! Items that released before 1st December (such as Tasha's Cauldron) or after 24th December are not included - this is to be as fair as possible to all preorder customers. Orders and comic pull lists which are overdue for payment/collection are also excluded from this offer - please make sure your account is up to date.

There are several gifts to choose from!

We recommend reviewing the options below and making your choices before visiting the store, though please remember that each item is only available while stocks last. If you have no preference or run out of time during your store visit, we are happy to choose these at random for you.

Gifts are available with shipped orders!

Please leave a note on your order to let us know which gifts you would like! If you currently pay for your orders by invoice, please email us at when you receive your invoice to request your gifts.

Fine print?

Free gifts have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for any other item. Choices will be honoured wherever possible (time and availability permitting), random selections will be offered otherwise. Purchases must be made on released items between 2nd December and 24th December 2020 to qualify. Preorders released before or after this time frame are not included. Overdue accounts are not eligible for this offer until after the account has been settled in full. Items may be added to or removed from the available options below at any time.

Free Comic Book Day Comics

Gaming Promos and Free RPG Day Items


CCG Promo Items

Please note: Customers may specify which game they would like their promos from, and promo items are selected at random from our available selection for that game. Requests for specific packs or cards can be made, but these are not guaranteed. Any requests that cannot be filled will have a random selection instead. Promos cannot be exchanged. A complete list of all promos is not available and cannot be supplied.