Prerelease Guide

What is a Prerelease?

Prerelease is an event where the players are able to play with brand new card game expansions before they are officially released for sale! Even better, you get to keep all the card packs you open as part of the event. For games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon TCG, these tend to happen once every three months.

How does it work?

You will receive a Prerelease Pack at the beginning of the event. Open all the card packs inside that box, then build a deck from them, adding basic land or energy cards as needed. For Magic: The Gathering, your deck needs to be at least 40 cards, and you can change it between games across the event. For Pokemon TCG, your deck must be exactly 40 cards, but you won't be able to change it later. If you're having trouble with your deck, you can always ask other players or the judge (if available) to help you!

Once everyone has built their deck, you'll play a casual tournament with the deck you've built! Tournaments run four rounds of Swiss pairing, meaning you'll be paired with players who have a similar win/loss record to yourself each round. Casual tournaments are different from competitive events, so there's no pressure to be the best player on the day! Players are encouraged to help each other, both with building decks and playing the game, and the emphasis is on having fun over anything else.

For Magic: The Gathering, rounds are 50 minutes long and play to best-of-three games. For Pokemon TCG, rounds are 30 minutes long and you play a single game each round. You'll get to see your final score at the end of the event, but remember, this is just for fun! Players don't win anything extra for getting higher scores at a Prerelease.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You may want to bring some six-sided dice with you for tracking card effects (if needed). You can choose to bring your own basic land or energy cards, though we will have some in the store that can be borrowed during the event. For Pokemon TCG, you will need to bring your own standard game tokens/counters.

Are there prizes for this event?

There are indeed! In addition to keeping everything in your Prerelease Pack, players will receive additional booster packs as participation prizes at the end of the event! We also add promo cards and random bonus prizes wherever possible, so everyone has an equal chance of walking away with something extra.

I still have questions!

No problem, send us an email to and ask away!