RPG Campaigns

RPG Campaigns is a series of sessions intended for players with some experience playing in roleplaying games (such as Dungeons & Dragons). These sessions run weekly on Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm (from September 2019) for up to two months at a time. Sessions cost £3 per week, payable in full when you sign up for a particular campaign.

The campaigns played on these evenings will vary widely, but will predominantly feature 5th Edition compatible adventures. Requirements for what players will need, what kind of characters they can play, etc will depend on the the individual campaign and Dungeon Master (DM) running it.

To get further information about the campaigns coming up and be notified of any expected changes or cancellations, please join our RPG Facebook group. Due to the number of players that regularly rotate through these events, this is our only method of communication should an update be required!

There are a few things we ask all our players to be aware of:
  • RPG Campaigns is not recommended for new players. If you're new to this type of game, we recommend our Beginner's D&D sessions on Thursdays!
  • We do have a store code of conduct which all participants are expected to follow in order to take part.
  • We don't allow spectators or non-players due to space limitations. If you have a carer, please get in touch with us at shop@proudlion.co.uk so we can make appropriate adjustments if required.
  • All players must be at least 16 years old to participate.

Want to help us run D&D in store? Get in touch with us to find out more about becoming a volunteer DM!


Mistakes of the Past (D&D 5E, running 23/10/19 to 18/12/19)
GM: Matthew Isherwood

The truth behind the legendary Mythan has been uncovered. What was once thought to be simply artefacts of great magical power has been revealed to be Soul-stones belonging to ancient wielders of the arcane whom sought greater powers by fusing themselves with creatures of vast power.
Five years ago such a being was released from their bindings, Garen Halanous - the Elemental Djinn of Wrath. Since his release Garen has begun slowly conquering the oceans with armies of elementally empowered creatures. Rumours have spread that he seeks a bargain with both the Hurricane King, Lord of all pirates; and Lady Surazal, Undead Mistress of the Dark Tide.
Not all hope is lost however. The Archangel Rashgana the Bronze has called forth champions to serve the Sovereign Host, for they have a plan to rid the Forgotten Isles of the accursed Mythan and with a small amount of luck possibly undo the cataclysm that destroyed so many lives. But who will answer the Archangel's call?
This is an adventure for level 8 heroes. Please prepare your character using only materials found within the Player's Handbook, Tieflings are not available as a playable race in this campaign - for thematic reasons. You do not need to have played chapter 1 to play this campaign, a short recap will be given to anyone who did not play it.


Ready Player Character One (Cypher System, running 23/10/19 to 18/12/19)
GM: Chris Sparke

A new game world is about to open up in the OASIS, and the developers are looking for Beta testers. Choose your favourite pop-culture avatar and jump online for adventure against the latest in bot algorithms!

Characters will be partially pre-generated, but can be customised to any genre during character creation.