RPG Campaigns

RPG Campaigns is a series of sessions intended for players with some experience playing in roleplaying games (such as Dungeons & Dragons). These sessions run weekly on Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm (from September 2019) for up to two months at a time. Sessions cost £3 per week, payable in full when you sign up for a particular campaign.

The campaigns played on these evenings will vary widely, but will predominantly feature 5th Edition compatible adventures. Requirements for what players will need, what kind of characters they can play, etc will depend on the the individual campaign and Dungeon Master (DM) running it.

To get further information about the campaigns coming up and be notified of any expected changes or cancellations, please join our RPG Facebook group. Due to the number of players that regularly rotate through these events, this is our only method of communication should an update be required!

There are a few things we ask all our players to be aware of:
  • RPG Campaigns is not recommended for new role players. If you're new to this type of game, we recommend our Beginner's D&D sessions on Thursdays!
  • We do have a store code of conduct which all participants are expected to follow in order to take part.
  • We don't allow spectators or non-players due to space limitations. If you have a carer, please get in touch with us at shop@proudlion.co.uk so we can make appropriate adjustments if required.
  • All players must be at least 16 years old to participate.

Want to run your own adventure in store? Click here to apply to be a store Game Master!


Those Who Would Be Gods (Black Void, running 08/01/20 to 26/02/20)
GM: Chris Sparke

The Qamsa, once mortal Babylonians, were forever changed by their exposure to the Void and otherworldly entities following the cataclysmic events on Earth. Their quest for power was sparked by outrage at mankind’s mistreatment and a desire to find Earth once more. The abduction of an enclave elder sparks a chain of events that reveal dark furtive ties to the past, rattle the tenuous stability of the Feeradani enclave and threatens all of mankind.

The central themes, species and locations of the Black Void setting are showcased throughout the campaign to introduce new players to the overall spirit of the game as it takes the protagonists on a harrowing journey through multiple districts of the Eternal city, into the dark and deadly jungles of Llyhn and across the Void to an ominous borderworld where those who would be Gods dwell.


The Rise of Freeport (D&D 5E, running running 08/01/20 to 26/02/20)
GM: Joe Taylor-Mills

In the hours following a huge arcane blast, chaos reigns. Who is alive? Who is dead? Who caused the explosion and why? Freeport was the city on the brink of great things and now half of it lies in ashes and rubble. Someone is going to pay, and that means that someone else is probably going to GET paid.

Players for this campaign may bring a level 5 character, or use one of the pre-generated characters provided.