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Codinca is an artful strategy game of skill, calculation, and chance for 2 to 4 players. As explorers who have stumbled upon the lost city of Codinca, each player attempts to unlock the secrets of its mysterious temple to open its doors and claim its treasure.

Codinca features 16 colorful double-sided tiles with the Incan elemental symbols for earth, air, water and fire. The game also includes 24 Key Cards and 20 Spirit Cards. Players attempt to match their tiles to the patterns on their four key cards to open the temple doors, but they may easily get turned around by others using their spirit cards to shift the title patterns to their advantage.

Codinca is a fun, fast-paced tile game that is easy to learn and play, making it an ideal game for family game night. Employing observational skills, tactical involvement, and chance through the potential shift of tiles, Codinca will have you turning tiles to take the the treasure or get overtaken by your fellow explorers!

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