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Role 4 Initiative's reusable Dungeon Tiles come in multiple colors, sizes, and grid patterns and are compatible with dry-erase, wet-erase, and liquid-chalk markers!

-- Versatility --

Our double-sided Dungeon Tiles are designed for use with D&D, Pathfinder, and many other RPGs and miniatures games. Made of 3mm high-density chipboard, they are very durable and reusable.

White tiles are useful for general mapping needs and provides the most clarity.
Earthtone tiles provide a softer textured earthy color and are often used for arid climates or outdoor settings.
Graystone tiles provide a more realistic stone floor appearance. They are accented with various dungeon floor features that include broken stones, moss, water, blood, and dirt that add character to your dungeon maps. R4I has taken the realistic visual effects even further by implementing a "hidden grid" by rendering a floor of varied size and shape stone tiles, yet still leaving a subtle representation of the traditional 1" grid.

-- Fog of War --

More flexible than a traditional battle mat, start your game with a single tile and connect the tiles as the adventurers explore new areas.  Never again give away clues as to which way the corridors may lead or what's around the next corner due to the starting placement on a simple mat.

-- Dungeon Master Advantages --

The interlocking tile modularity allows the Dungeon Masters to pre-draw as much detail and color before the game as they want.  Then during the game, simply reveal the tiles one by one as each area is encountered. Take advantage of the double-sided feature by drawing one side as it appears naturally, and the other side that shows all the hidden traps and magic features when they are triggered. Improve game flow by simply handing pre-drawn tiles to the nearest player to connect.


  • 5x 10-inch interlocking tiles
  • 16x 5-inch interlocking tiles

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