MTG Pioneer Weekend (Sunday 23rd February, 12pm)

MTG Pioneer Weekend (Sunday 23rd February, 12pm)

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Bring your best deck for the newest non-rotating format on the block - Pioneer!

You'll need everything required to play a game of Magic: The Gathering, including a legal Pioneer deck and any tokens, dice, life trackers, etc. This competitive event will run best-of-three Swiss rounds, with 3-4 rounds depending on the number of players, no top cut.

    Every player will receive one booster pack for completing the event. One booster pack per player will go into a top down prize pool. Additional prizes as follows:

    • Top 8: Rivals of Ixalan Standard Showdown Pack
    • Top 6: Flusterstorm Buy-A-Box promo card
    • Top 4: Theros Beyond Death Promo Pack
    • Top 2: Theros Beyond Death Premium Promo Pack
    • Winner: Ultimate Masters Box Topper (sealed) - minimum 12 players required!

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