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THE GAME is no toy. You and your friends will have to work together if you are going to survive. How well can you coordinate your movements? Without talking? Can you trust your friends to make the right move? Quick thinking and spitfire cooperation will make or break you.

Are you ready to play The Game? Or will the game play you?

The Game is for one to five players (yep, great single-player too!), and is playable in roughly 20 minutes. The goal is to play as long as you can, by continually playing cards to one of four different piles, cards must be discarded according to various rules that can be manipulated by clever play. Table talk is allowed, but players are never allowed to exactly reveal what they have in their hand, so there’s a constant tension, as with each turn you hope your play fits in with the strategy of your teammates. Quick thinking and spitfire cooperation will make or break turns as grimaces and cheers abound, making for a perfect nail-biting good time for all.

The Game is great for gamers (or non-gamers!) of all ages and levels. It’s truly a gateway must!

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