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Würm is a game set at the very origins of humanity, in the last period of the Ice Age 35,000 years ago. The game is system-lite — characters don’t have Attributes or even Skills, but they are instead described by Strengths like Secret of the Bear or Eye of the Panther and Weaknesses such as Fearful or One-Eyed. And the nature of the game is at your discretion — you may play a game that’s more historically accurate or you may decide to incorporate fantastical elements like magic and the spirit world.

In Würm you will find adventure in the prehistoric past of our own world, in a time before history began, thirty-five thousand years ago when man was not safe from the world around him! In this long-forgotten time, many powerful creatures roamed far and wide over a vast territory covered in steppes and taiga, reaching from the white mountains to the raging sea: mammoths, aurochs, bison, giant deer, cave bears and cave lions. Among these huge creatures, two species of humans live in small communities of hunter-gatherers: the robust Bear Men (Neanderthals) and the taller Long Men (Cro-Magnon, or Cavemen).

When you play Würm, it will be up to you to imagine what life was like for our ancestors, and give YOUR OWN vision of this time before time. During your adventures, whether simply surviving or going on perilous hunts or legendary quests, your characters will gain strength, wisdom and prestige by exploring unknown territories, daring to enter the darkness of mysterious caves, seeking out the powers of ancient spirits, or challenging the creatures of the night, the ice and the fire…

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